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Zing Wings are high performance flying wing gliders that look much like hang gliders. They fold in half and are shot skywards with a catapult launcher. When the folded gliders reach an altitude of 100 feet or so, a small rubber band pulls the wings open and they start a long, graceful glide. Zing Wings have a flight time of between 30 to 45 seconds in calm conditions. These gliders have great soaring abilities, and flights of several minutes are common if they encounter rising air, which often occurs on sunny days. Zing Wings are best when flown in large clear areas like parks and school grounds. They are made in the USA from a durable extruded polystyrene foam, filament tape, and plastic hooks, and come complete with catapult launchers and detailed instructions.

We do not deliver or mail our Zing Wings. Remember if you buy online do not forget to come by our field and pick them up.

12" Zing Wing - $5.00

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18" Zing Wing - $6.00

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